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Looking for Perfume reviews and the latest on new perfume launches? 

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Perfumes are timeless and very marketable. Everyone loves perfumes and each person will own at least one bottle of perfume, so imagine the number of potential consumers! You can start by selling imitation fragrances of well renown perfume brands, but you can also create your own brand, your own perfumes and colognes.

There are many good reasons why selling perfumes can be a great business:

  1. The first and most important reason is that it is very lucrative, as the raw material to create perfumes is actually very cheap and you can sell your perfumes for a much higher price. 
  2. Demand is high, so consumers are immediately available. 
  3. You can decide how big or small you want your business to be. 
  4. And lastly, you're earning money by doing something that is fun.

Read More about how you can get started at my perfume blog 


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